Vagina only party?

I’ve been following a thread on FL for the last few days. Well, I’ve been following a couple of threads. They’ve left me angry, confused and reeling at the fact that quite a large proportion of the population seems to be quite stupid. Actually, that’s possibly unfair, as it is probably just a lack of education. Whatever the reason, I don’t like a lot of what I’ve been reading.


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Pills, Potions and Pharmaceuticals

Pills, Potions and Pharmaceuticals

It’s been a tough few weeks for me. To be honest, it’s been a tough few months, having so many ups and downs with my health. I’ve been having a few issues with my hip again, although I’m not sure if it’s actually the dysplasia or if my weight gain is just causing general joint problems. My main problem, as usual, has been my mental health. I’ve not really settled properly since last year. It…

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You may not be able to see your own beauty or love yourself but one day, someone will. You have only lived such a small part of yourself, you will never know what the future brings. So, keep going. Hold on. You are never alone. ♥

For my lovely followers whom I love dearly and would be very much aggrieved if I ever found out that they were gone.

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Penn and Teller on Vaccinations - Video

I have a child with autism, and a child with autism is still better off than a child dying with a preventable disease.

So, to condense this: If you’ve refused to get a child vaccinated because you were misinformed, you’re still saying you’d rather your child have a chance of getting a fatal disease, than have a manageable disability.

Think about that for a moment.

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One of the most accurate depictions of a panic attack that I’ve ever seen.

Thank you. Just thank you. Far too many people don’t seem to grasp the concept of what a panic attack actually is. Getting upset is not a panic attack. This is. 

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Make Your Move is an effort from Missoula’s Intervention in Action Project, a group of community organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence. Its campaign’s goals are to: 1) Engage men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence by increasing awareness and education about the dynamics of sexual violence and 2) Encourage bystanders to foster healthy non-violent relationships and interrupt attitudes, language and actions that support sexual violence.

Reblogging this so hard

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Comic about slurs, published in the Galago magazine last summer. 


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"I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again.”

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